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fueled by gluttony

**written the previous night:

we made a denny's run this afternoon. it was the only meal i ate today, and it ought to be the only one i have all month. i ate in excess, and now the last of those energy reserves that haven't already become a fat deposit are being poured into delayed school work. 60% is my own procrastination, but i must place 40% of the blame on ma. she stole my computer. i asked in passing at one point for her to return it...oh who am i kidding? i'm losing my touch in not working that hard to produce essays and cram last minute. XD tsk tsk. thankfully next week is the last week of the semester

super bird

in case people are wondering...

i am welcoming the cooler weather. i am sleep deprived. my pets keep waking me up at ungodly hours of the morning. each day they seem to rise earlier than the last. i am relieved. holiday mayhem is a thing of the past. i am scheming on ways to avoid creeps. it's becoming a nusisance to be their magnet. i am positive i have some form of a social autism. i demonstrate many symptoms: inhibition of extraneous information and a certian inability to read people. i am still working on that sweater, which is honestly surprising. (at the same time) i am making a scarf for darren. thank-you postal service for the innovation called the flat rate box. i am sleep deprived.

i am done. <3
**for you sequoya

there's no money in two

miranda july never ceases to win my admiration. not only is she the most fantastic writer of our generation, she is also multi-talented. i happened upon her musical workings last week. it was remniscent of a radio programe one would listen to pre television. now if i could only get my hands on her film.

ps. i meant to post this monday

super happy fun land

i had to say goodbye to a very special friend today...my dog rocky. my very first puppy. he's seventeen, quite elderly indeed. he was supposed to be a contender in the world's oldest dog race. took him to the vet yesterday because he wouldn't eat. we thought, maybe its a toothache, maybe its him being crazy...he's always been nutty in a silly endearing way. the vet gave me the bad news: his kidneys were majorly failing.

i wish i could have given him a better last day. i would have given him a giant steak, taken him out on a nice stroll. alas he was in such bad shape--couldn't stand up, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink. he can't hear to begin with...it was a mess. i spent the few hours before class petting him. rubbing his back through the top of his beloved striped sweater. i refused to go back to the vet, and asked my parents to lie to me; to tell me he was off to super happy fun land when i came home.

so i'm mourning. i'm remembering the first time i met the 'lil guy. how he waited for me after school, dragged me around the neighborhood, howled for BBQ, befriended and fed squirrels, snuck around the house, broke into the kitchen, chased the vaccum...the worst part of it all is that his absence is strong. his water and food dish still out. his collar by the door. and who can ignore the empty room? we had to throw out his bedding, his favorite box. i know it would be cruel to have kept him around, i knew this day would come--i just wasn't ready.

bye buddy, my handsome little big man, my very best friend: rocky <3


inglourious genius!

ohhh god quentin tarantino....ohhhh ohh. you my friend you really are something else. i mean grindhouse was spectacular, and resevoir dogs clever, but ohhhh /drool/ inglorious basterds you...you really took me over the edge(and not just because of the inclusion of david bowie, but i intend if it's at all possible to include him on my list of famous folks to interview for the doc.)!! i can see your life poured into this film. i mean, the subtitles, the actors, a seamless combination of multiple plot lines, and of course the film references. never shy to include yourself--ego does indeed have it's place here. you sir are the greatest director ever. EVER.

--this may sound absolutely horrible but i'm in love with the jew hunter (christopher waltz), he's absolutely the greatest antagonist in modern cinema. he's cunning, he's witty, and he's pure evil. <3 cheers to you mate!
--eli, i felt your rage in those scenes, fantastic, i kiss those burns
-b.j novac i keep expecting you to play "ryan", your appearence is still fairly random and obscure but it's amusing nonetheless
-mike myers they did an excellent job with the freckles
--rebel psychopathic nazi (til schweiger), he was fine as hell, johnny depp eat your heart out this fellow is 46 <3 keep up the good work!
--random european actresses (melanie laurent and Diane kruger)  you were reckless and wild, something we don't get to often in period pieces or modern pieces in general. hey other directors take note, the world needs few jennifer anistons and more of these femme fatales.

AHHHHHHHHHAAAA i love this film. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 it's offically on my top five list.

did you handle steel nuts?

sometimes directly in front of me, sometimes a little to the left. i spend the day starring at the back of his head thinking...goodness is that the warehouse guy from the steel place and i respond to myself yeah yeah i think it is! then his last name echos in my brain. hall...hall...hall...and i reflect back on my adventures of being fired and what a scene it was. yet, i doubt myself is that REALLY him?

finally after weeks of torturing myself i decided it was time to swallow my pride and ask him already. besides, i was tired of sitting beside barely clad girl who coughs excessively and shares disease. (yes i blame her for my previous illness that still lingers) i figure; so, i may have left the job with a bang, talk about conversation starters! ;D with a little nudge from another deskmate i dare ask mr. hall: did you work in the warehouse?

to my surprise, he did not. his brother did! and immediately i spot their differences. however, we did have an english class together in high school go figure, small world.


awkward woman: awaaayyyy!

she has the power to make any and every situation incredibly, if not painfully awkward!

i think, i just ruined a potentially great friendship. no, i'm very certain i did. i'm too ridiculous for my own good! i meet a lad, we hit it off fine, then suddenly i'm left at the cross roads of flattery and fizzle. fizzle that's the only way to describe the situation at hand.


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to the writers at nbc....

it has been noted by a very dear girl that i am very infrequent in journal updates. and because she seems to be a fan i'll stop being so damn lazy.

i'm entering the third week of school's fall semester. and gasp! i'm going during the week...*oohs n' ahhs* a first for me friends. i think i've been out of the loop too long, people my age in large numbers is overwhelming. i'd grown accostumed to old(er) people, quiet hallways, and the ability to not bump into someone on the way to the restroom. by and by i think i'll find a coping device and overcome those problems. maybe...i present to you now what inspires me to write to the guys at NBC, my one day experience could inspire several episodes of the upcoming show: Community. oh think of it, Chevy Chase starring in a second rate musing <3


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paychecks yum!

bah, why do frivoulous things eat paychecks?
in one day i ran through my meager earnings:

taking ma to lunch at a new panda express: 12.97
two panda specials ($5.99)
walmart (first trip) 32.97
virgin mobile phone card ($29.46) box of toffee popcorn ($1.00)
exploring new coffee shop: $6.74
med frappe ($3.52) small vanilla 'nirvana' ($2.60)
walmart (second trip) 12.97
giant skein of bernat baby yarn ($5.97) two smaller yarns (bernat: $3.47, red heart super saver: $2.47)

yet...i have no regrets...

someone still loves you

radio where have you been?
i re-rediscovered my radio. i missed him actually. it's been at least two years since i've tuned in, willingly. usually i'll catch a few songs in ma's car and that's all.
radio isn't the only thing i've rediscovered. i'm terrible at keeping up with my friends and aquaintances. for instance i met...er re-met? a friend from highschool. we bumped into each other at the college. she's absolutely lovely, entertaining--complete nutter...'course the quiet ones usually are. we get along so well, and i was surprised i hadn't spent more time with her before, although she was living in austin last year...